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Ben Shapiro Drops MAJOR Receipts on 'Ad Cartel' After House Judiciary Finds They Target Right-Wing Media


The House Judiciary Committee has found that multiple conservative news sites, pundits, and even X itself have been targeted by a cartel of advertisers that controls 90% of all ad dollars. They are doing this to demonetize and reduce our reach.


Remember when they accused us all of being conspiracy theorists when we mentioned we felt censored, suppressed, and even silenced? We do.


It's true. 

Ben Shapiro called them all out in a pretty infuriating thread.

Gotta love the receipts.

Worse than we all thought.



You guys know we're on that list, like all of the Townhall properties.

Good gravy.

They targeted Elon.

Because of course they did.



THIS is scary AF. The government is controlling what people can see online.

Authoritarians love censorship.


His post continues: 

These campaigns are ongoing. They are spurred by members of this Congress and this White House. And they must be stopped.

He's right, they must be stopped ... but clearly, they have not been. That's why we ask our readers to support our efforts by becoming Twitchy VIP Members because then it doesn't matter what some whiny, bully of a Democrat does to push the 'ad cartel' to try and silence us. Maybe even shut us down. You guys keep us going, so thank you. If you haven't signed up yet, we're still offering 50% off when you use code CENSORSHIP.




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