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We Got NOTHIN': Whoopi Admits She Poops Her Pants to Defend Biden ... We're Not EVEN Kidding (Watch)

We did not have Whoopi Goldberg admitting she has poopy days all the time in order to defend Biden pooping his pants on our Bingo card for the day but here we are. Hey, if a person is so dedicated to a candidate that they'll vote for an incontinent, out of it, bag of Botox like Biden that's on them, but they really should just admit they are in a cult. Normal, healthy, rational people do not make arguments like this one for a presidential candidate.


Yeah yeah, it's The View but c'mon.


What the Hell is a poopy day and why is she having them all the time?

Maybe she should see a doctor for that.


Ana Navarro couldn't let Whoopi outdo her crazy, of course, and offered up this bit of insanity:

Ana. We saw it happen in real time during the debate. Nobody is making him look worse.

These chicks are NUTS.

Same bro.


Even if you poop your pants.


Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves.

Not to mention a deep thinker.



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