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BAHAHA-OMG! Rep. Cori Bush's Campaign SO Fooled by Parody Her Team Contacted 'Her' for Gaza Fundraiser

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

Guys ... of all the crap we can't make up, this crap right here about Rep. Cori Bush trying to set up a Gaza fundraiser with what is an obvious parody account may indeed be the most crappiest of crap we can't make up.


This is really something special.

Take a gander.



HA ha.


Oh, it gets better.


And none of them figured out this account was a parody? 

That these people vote should keep us all up at night, just sayin'.

Nothing amazes us about members of the Squad anymore.

Our exact reaction.


Make it so!


No offense to any bags of rocks that may be reading.

We can't even ... 

Just like Bowman's.

Ain't it great?



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