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RACIST-ISH: Biden Campaign Calls Black Journos LIARS After They Reveal Pre-Approved Interview Questions

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Gosh golly gee, just when you think things can't get worse for Team Biden ... they do.

What a complete and total collapse, you guys. Don't get us wrong, we've known all along there are issues with Biden and we expected the presidential debate to be a disaster but we honestly did not expect the entire DNC machine to fall apart like this. We are eating popcorn and enjoying it immensely, but true story, Democrats have been so sneaky, and so corrupt, we never thought they'd get caught.


And clearly, neither did they.

Going after black journalists for telling everyone Team Biden sent them drafted questions to ask? C'mon, Jack!

Because of course they deny it.

It's like they don't remember when Biden told millions of black people they weren't black if they didn't vote for him.

Have they really not been paying attention?



Almost as if they're afraid Biden can't answer questions in real-time.

OH YEAH, he can't.

Hard to ask what you want when the campaign is pressuring you to ask what THEY want.

Notice how they had to point out it was their BLACK Media Director who did this.



Don't it?

And it's always been a choice.


Something like that.



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