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OH NOEZ! Lefty 'Patriots' Lose Their Flipping Minds After Melania Trump Spotted With EXPENSIVE HANDBAG


OMG you guys! You'll never believe it ... Melania Trump who is super wealthy has a very expensive handbag. NO REALLY. You know what that means, right? RIGHT?!

Yeah, we don't get it either.


The Trumps are rich, they have expensive stuff. Duh.

But that didn't stop 'Patriot Takes' from having a conniption fit over it.

SAY IT AIN'T SO! AN EXPENSIVE PURSE. REEEEEE! ARGLE BARGLE! And how could people donate to rich people?! REEEE!

Welp, people better stop donating to any and all politicians because BOY HOWDY do we have news for them. 

They're all rich. Even that socialist guy, Bernie.

What a bunch of maroons.

*cough cough*


Poor Jill. 

Ultimately the truth is this ...

Seriously. If a purse is enough to give someone the vapors they might want to avoid covering actual politics.

Just sayin'.



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