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Anderson Cooper Fails to Check Himself on Politics in Schools Before Megyn Kelly SPECTACULARLY Wrecks Him

Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP, File

Wait ... children are being taught right-wing views at private schools in Arizona?! SERIOUSLY?! But we've been told the only views that should be allowed to be taught in schools belong to the left-wing.


Don't these right-wingers know better?

The nerve.

They're learning math?! Reading?! Writing?! That being on time is a good thing? That skin color does not define who someone is? SAY IT AIN'T SO! The horror! 

Megyn Kelly with the TKO:


We so adore her.

Cooper is getting whooped:


The Left fears students hearing more than one narrative and thinking for themselves.

They're authoritarians, it's all they really know how to do. Control, censor, and silence.


And when the pendulum swings back it is freakin' sweet.


Crazy talk, we know.

Don't forget SEL (Social Emotional Learning).

Blah blah blah indeed.



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