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GURL, BYE! MSNBC Harpy Lectures Trump Judge Aileen Cannon to Stay In Her Own Lane and Oh HELL No (Watch)


Pardon us if we're unimpressed with some legal talking head on MSNBC wearing dark chunky glasses to make herself look smarter talking all tough with U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon telling her to 'stay in her lane' where Trump is concerned or whatnot. Ummm ... she's the judge, that case IS her lane, sweetcheecks.


This is just laughable.


In other words, they really really really wanted these court cases to knock Trump out of the race because they know deep down they can't beat him in a fair race. Especially with President Pudding Pop as their nominee.

But girl power and stuff!

And surely all 12 people who watch MSNBC thought she was edgy and stuff.


You know, if you have something important to say you don't have to tell people, they just figure it out because it IS important. Whiny babies who tell others to shut up because they're talking are just that, whiny babies..

Might as well call them the MSDNC. Save ourselves some time.



C'mon, they're super tough.




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