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LOOK on Nicolle Wallace’s Face As She Experiences a Biden 'Cheap Fake' in Real-Time Is PRICELESS (Watch)


Someone really should tell Nicolle Wallace the 'cheap fakes' she's accusing the right-wing media of creating to make Biden look bad are actually COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE. We get it, the media is working overtime to convince Americans that Biden isn't a ticking time bomb of senility but deep down they have to know the truth. They have been covering him as much as if not more than we have.


They HAVE TO know this man is not all there and hasn't been in a long, long time. And honestly, while they likely think they're doing something good by trying to help Biden win again, you'd think someone close to them and who loves them would tell them Biden is dangerous as the so-called leader of the free world.

Case in point, this piece Townhall's Spencer Brown shared is from June of 23, and we all know Biden has only gotten worse since then.

It's short, but look at her face as he gets up and wanders off.

Even she can't deny this was freakin' weird. Ok, so she can deny it but we all know better.


He literally got up mid-interview and left.

That's not something a normal, mentally well person does. 




Cheap fakes! Reeee!



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