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Joy Reid and Pramila Jayapal LAUGH IT UP Talking About Illegal Raping 13-Year-Old to Own the Cons (Watch)



We'd ask what's wrong with these horrible harpy women but you know what, we're not entirely we really want to know anyway. It takes a special kind of evil to laugh about an illegal raping a 13-year-old child BUT this is Joy Reid we're talking about, and let's not pretend Rep. Pramila Jayapal is at all worth the cheap suit jacket she's wearing.


This is just poor.

They're so busy pretending they're above those who are afraid of the millions of illegals crossing our border illegally that they don't seem to realize they're mocking a rape victim.

Or maybe they do, they do suck. A lot.


Anything to own the cons.

You'd certainly hope so.

Now now, that's an insult to complete scumbags.

The discussion or Joy's new haircut? 


Oh yeah, the rapist pig recorded the act.


Laugh it up, Joy. HA HA.

And apparently Joy Reid and Pramila Jayapal both think it's funny.



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