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Who Could Forget?! KJP Will HATE Painful, Receipt-Filled Thread of Cheap Fakes From Our Pals in the Media


We are proud to exploit the efforts of Twitchy freelancer Dave Gordon by sharing his Twitter/X thread of media cheap fakes. As Twitchy readers know, Gordon does good work here on our site and now clearly, on X. Incidentally, you can follow Gordon on Twitter/X at @D_Gordzo.


Who knew there were SO MANY cheap fakes out there in the mainstream media? 

*By the way, we are being totally facetious, we know there are at least this many and plenty of others*

Take a look:

Great moments.

We see what he did there.

Starting with a shout-out to the Godfather of fake news, Dan Rather.

Memorieeees ... like the corners of our minds.

Nice font, Dan.

And to think, this liar is one of the modern-day Left's favorites. Yeah, let that sink in. Nobody ever said they were sending their best.

Ann oldie but a goodie.

Or baddie? Yeah, that probably works better.


Eh, keep going.

With an oversample of LGBTQ peeps. Say it ain't SO, ABC.

These people.

Awww yes, the evil racist white kid making fun of the old Native American man.


That evil racist white kid is pretty damn wealthy these days because of this particular cheap fake.

CBS loves to pretend.

And so many more ...

But you know, it's right-wing media making up all of the 'cheap fakes'. 




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