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Lefty Prof's Attempt at Schooling David Harsanyi on Whether We're a Republic or Democracy Goes SO Wrong


Wanna see a Democrat blow a gasket? Remind them we're a Republic and not a Democracy.

They can't DEAL.

And then they'll sputter about how Trump loves the poorly educated and make some lame joke about how you live in a trailer BUT deep down, they're only mad because they know you're right. So just point and laugh.


David Harsanyi said it far better than we could, of course.

From The Federalist:

Ask the contemporary leftists who target virtually every protection we have against mob rule in the name of “democracy” — attacking the Supreme Court, the Electoral College, federalism, the filibuster, the Senate, and even the existence of states. They understand the difference, even if just intuitively.

Ask leftists who treat the “popular vote,” not as a wishcasting cope, but as means of legitimizing presidential elections. Those who want a few big states ruling the nation via a direct federal democracy are not interested in a “republic” that derives power from the governed but one that strips local control and individual rights from those they dislike.

Blunting the federal government’s power over states and the state’s power over individuals is an indispensable way to ensure a diverse people in a huge nation can govern themselves and live freely. The “save democracy” types who refer to these long-standing federalist institutions as “minority rule” do not view “democracy” and a constitutional republic as interchangeable concepts.


Good stuff, yes?

Welp, it garnered the attention of Brian Klaas:

Oh brother.

Anything to keep pretending the Left is defending democracy because THEY'RE SO IMPORTANT.

Klaas basically proved what Harsanyi was saying in the first place.


Wonder if he ever figured that out.

Aces, prof.



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