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New York Magazine's Sexist Hit Piece Calls Republican Women SUBSERVIENT and Hoo Boy Was THAT Ever Dumb


Tell us you've never actually interacted with a real Republican woman without telling us you've never actually interacted with a real Republican woman.

New York Magazine dropped some serious click-bait with this one, probably hoping that it would piss enough people on the Right off that they'd react to it which would lead to clicks and taps. Like any good piece of clickbait trash.


Ladies, apparently we wrathful, sweet, strong AND subservient.

Who knew?

Surprising evolution.

So we've evolved from what exactly?

Astonishingly bitchy.


And straight-up sexist.


Something like that.


They have no idea.



The Left hates women who think for themselves - there is nothing more dangerous to their narrative than a woman who doesn't think and do as she's told. 

*cough cough*





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