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Forget How Stupid Jennifer Rubin Really Is? NO WORRIES, She's Getting Dragged for Her Stupidest Piece YET


Wow. White people on the Left really really really don't like powerful Black people who disagree with them. Especially old Leftist white women like Jennifer Rubin.


The cheese has officially slipped off her cracker, you guys. 

Look at this:

From WaPo:

Indeed, Republicans would feel politically compelled to do so. Last week, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, Southern Baptists, voted “for the resolution opposing IVF, which also urged the denomination’s members ‘to advocate for the government to restrain actions inconsistent with the dignity and value of every human being, which necessarily includes frozen embryonic human beings.’” No one should doubt that if the GOP prevails in the fall, its base will demand Republicans ban it all: contraception, IVF, mifepristone and all other forms of abortion.

So be forewarned: If MAGA extremists return power, they and their radical handmaidens on the Supreme Court will not hesitate to create Clarence Thomas’s America. It won’t be a place that the vast majority of Americans find congenial — or even recognizable.


Trump broke a lot of people but she may have been broken the most. And give us a break, Americans looking around our country right now are finding it unrecognizable as men compete in women's sports, children are being subjected to body-changing surgeries because they think they're in the wrong bodies, we're funding endless wars, and our so-called leader clearly has some sort of mental issue.

Spare us the fear-mongering, Jen, it's already scary enough these days.

Note, if she's this panicked she must think Trump can beat Biden, just sayin'.

True story.

To be fair, her piece is so damn dumb that we're all writing or talking about it and hey, a click is a click, yes?


Still, it shows pretty bad decision-making on WaPo's part.




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