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Rachel Maddow's ... Sorry ... Chris Hayes' Argument About WHY We Shouldn't Remove Illegals Falls FLAT

Townhall Media

It's cute watching our pals in the mainstream media go from claiming there's not THAT many people entering our country illegally to THERE'S NO WAY WE CAN REMOVE 20 MILLION PEOPLE! REEEE!


They really are an annoying, pathetic lot, aren't they.

Take Chris Hayes for example. Chris thinks it's too mean and too much work to remove criminals from our country.

No, really.

It all started here:

Yeah, it's really funny making fun of Americans who want people to enter our country legally.

Chris should take a moment to imagine the amount of terror victims of illegals have felt before they lost their lives.

Chris should take a moment to imagine the amount of terror a mom or dad must feel learning they've lost their child to an attack by an illegal.


In other words, Chris, give us a freakin' break.

We see what he did there.

All 12 of their viewers likely agree with Chris. Fair point.

See? We weren't the only ones who got confused. Seriously, have you ever seen Chris and Rachel in the same room at the same time?



Anything is worth it to Chris as long as he can dunk on the cons.



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