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John Collins Learns the Hard Way What Happens When You Ask Republican Women a STUPID, Sexist Question


John Collins has perhaps learned there IS such a thing as a stupid question.

Too bad he won't actually take it to heart.

Check this out:


Can someone explain to us why any woman would vote for a party that is ok with men replacing them in their sports, spaces, and experiences. Oh, we get it, John is being a sexist toad and assuming the only thing women care about is the ability to abort their unborn children but as usual when it comes to sexist Lefties, he was wrong. 

Big time.


Pretty simple.

Engagement farming maybe?


Who knows?

Crazy, right?


This seems important.

Just sayin'.

Add to this Democrats want to force women to sign up for the draft and yeah ... why would any woman ever vote for a Democrat?



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