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Biden Sharing Pic of Himself with 'Good Friends' Obama and Jimmy Kimmel Does NOT Go As Planned (Clearly!)

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

We got nothin'

It's rare for us to see something just so damn stupid that even WE'RE left speechless (wordless?) but here we are.

This is just ... yeah.

And what makes this even worse (more hilarious?) is the 


Whoever posts on Biden's Twitter had to know this wouldn't go well, right? Then again, they do work for Biden so they were likely a DEI hire and we all know how THAT works out. Ahem.

It will take more than that.

We see what he did there.

The only people this pic appeals to are voting for Biden anyway. Meh.

Nice of Joe to take a picture with his boss. Good point.

But he's got friends! Hollywood! Obama! C'mon, man!


Dude is really rubbery.

While Biden brags about hanging out with the elite.

Democrats may have the most out-of-touch campaign going on right now, ever. Let's hope they keep it that way.



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