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Rachel Maddow's MELTDOWN of All MELTDOWNS About Trump 'Getting Her' Is Off-the-Charts INSANE (Watch)

We haven't seen Rachel Maddow freak out this much since Trump won in 2016.

She's absolutely convinced Trump is going to put her in a camp if he's elected, among other crazy stuff that she's peddling to crazy people who still watch her. There's a reason so many people on the Left are uninformed, ignorant, emotional, thin-skinned nutjobs and it's because they get their 'news' from people like Rachel.


Who, by the way, seems to be completely bats**t, just putting that out there.


Keep in mind to people like MAD-COW, anyone to the Right of Mao is 'ultra-right.'

But wait, there's more!

Could she be any more tone-deaf?


And finally:

She says this like it's a bad thing.

Note, Rachel is not the first maniac to claim Trump will 'get them' if he's re-elected. It's almost as if they have a guilty conscious or something ...

Nobody is above the law, Rachel. HA HA HA


Live look at Rachel, right now.



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