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Bidenomics at WORK! Democrats Definitely Do NOT Want You Watching This From LOTT (So Ya' GOTTA Watch It)

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Biden has been working really hard to convince people his policies and ideas aren't destroying the economy and even the country. Hey, we get it, the guy is trying to get re-elected so he's willing to lie his saggy ol' backside off if that means '81 million' people will vote for him again.



Welp, we don't see how anyone can claim the country isn't a hot mess under Bidenomics after watching this video so you KNOW Democrats don't want you watching it.

So you've gotta watch it and even share it.


Unreal to see that many closures.

Trump really should put this into some sort of campaign ad, just sayin'.

Don't it though?

Mom and Pops are struggling to survive but hey, the billionaires will be AOK.

Democrats have been become the party of the rich.

They couldn't do more to destroy the economy if they tried.

And the .99 Cents stores! Full disclosure, we had no idea these stores even existed.


Which would make this hilarious if it wasn't so damn depressing.



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