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Gene Wu's Smug Attempt at Dunking on Taxpayer Calling Him Out for High Taxes Goes SPECTACULARLY Wrong


Gene Wu is a boil on the butt of humanity.

Are we allowed to say that? No? Yes? If not, our bad, we'll apologize for it later. MUCH later.

Until then, we stand by it.


This guy sucks.

Look at him dunking on a taxpayer for being concerned about how much they're paying in taxes. Notice he even took a screenshot of their tweet because he thought he was going to show them whose boss or something.

As we said, much suckage.

Obnoxious AND wrong is no way to go through live, Gene.

As we know you already know, this did not go well for Gene:

Yeah, his tweet about how he doesn't think any man or woman can be around a child for a long period of time without it getting weird will stay with him, always.


Or perhaps he's just an a-hole.

What she said.


Gene is a giant bully and has no business holding any elected office.

Duh, he's a Democrat.


And he thought he was dunking on the other person.

That's what makes this even more annoying AND funnier.

What a choad.



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