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Lefty Posting Obviously Photoshopped (Ahem) Pic of AOC to Brag About How Dems are 'Prettier' Goes WRONG


Wow, this Rick Lenzie guy is a real charmer.

And you lucky ladies on the Left, he's all yours!


Because that's what's important about women, how they look. 

Wow. Again.

Here's another winner Leftist ladies can have:

Sheesh, after all of these years being told it's the Right who hates women it certainly looks like it's the Left who has officially filled that role. Guess we shouldn't be surprised when so many of them are actively working to replace women with mediocre, mentally-ill, butt-ugly men who think they're women.


But she's pretty so it's ok.

Nah, they've always been misogynist and sexist, they just stopped hiding it once they decided to start erasing women to appease mentally jacked-up fugly men.

Wait, was that too mean? If so, we'll apologize for it ... later.


*cough cough*

Shallow pervert.

That works.

See the 'shallow pervert' post up there.




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