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Slay Queen: Dana Loesch Takes on Horde of Horrible AND Stupid With 1 Lovely Hand Tied Behind Her BACK

Ultra Right Beer

Dana Loesch had a busy evening/night taking on a whole lot of stupid and awful. Usually, when we write about Dana embarrassing a frothy-mouthed horde of trolls they're of the Leftist persuasion but this time ... not so much. While we are certainly not fans of the infighting on the Right, we are even less fans of those supposedly on the Right going after our own. Like Laura Loomer did here.


We are pretty sure this is where the whole blow-up started.

Why do this?



Dana then chimed in:

Considering the nasty post Laura tagged her in we hardly blame her for laughing.

Looks like Dana wasn't about to be shamed or lectured here.

Sure, try more shaming. That worked out so well for him the first time around.


And tagging Bongino? What?

Who knew?


Oh snap.

Dude, take the L.

Another conservative woman stepped in at this point, and it just got worse.

*sigh* *again*


She's right, you know. There are nuts everywhere.


Sounds a lot like put up or shut up to us.

Note, there are several other posts from people defending Loomer and Kilgore (we think?) but most of them are just too foul to share here. What this editor did find particularly funny was how many of these people have her blocked.


We are sharing this from Loomer ... apologies for how gross it is but it gives you an idea of what Dana dealt with overnight.

Yeah, no idea what she was thinking here.

Yup. Big time.

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