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LOOK on Jamie Raskin's Face As Rep Jasmine Crockett Melts Down in TACKIEST Rant EVER Is Priceless (Watch)


We're reported on some serious meltdowns in Congress over the years, but this from Democrat Rep. Jasmine Crockett is at the top of the list. How is this real life? How is this woman actually an elected official? 


We weep for this nation, especially her constituents.

Watch this:

Look at Jamie Raskin, his face.

We can't tell if he's embarrassed for Crockett or for his garbage party for electing such an unprofessional, unhinged, heifer. Maybe a little bit of both.

Matt Walsh was good enough to provide a direct quote from Crockett, if you can't understand what it is she's actually shrieking:


Keep it classy, Democrats.


People vote for identities, not the person. 

Especially Democrats.


*cough cough*



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