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Curtis Houck Shares Lie-for-Lie Transcript of KJP Defending Biden's BLATANT Lie About Inflation and WOOF

Charlie Kirk

Karine Jean-Pierre is paid to lie.

To bad she's so bad at it.

We suppose this is what happens when you hire people based on the identity boxes they check and not their qualifications. 


Curtis Houck actually posted the transcript of KJP spinning and spinning and lying and spinning some more after being asked about Biden's blatant lie about inflation being 9% when he entered the Oval Office. Now, she could have just said he misspoke, or stuttered, or whatever ... but oh no.

She took the lie to a whole new level. Check this out:

From the rest of his post (and her babbling):

Or does it — just not realize that inflation was 1.4 percent when he came into office?”

KJP: “So, you know — and — and thank you for the question, because I know that this — we got a lot of incoming on this yesterday and look, I — what the President was — the point that he was making — uh — is that the factors that caused inflation was in place when he walked in — into the administration — when he took office. Let’s — as you know, the pandemic caused inflation around the world to be — uh — uh — by disrupting our economy and breaking our supply chains — as you know, we had to act quickly on dealing with the supply chain. He put together a task force. You saw the President do that. And just a couple of examples. Here are one example. Semiconductor shortages already existed when he took office. That increased costs on everything from auto parts to washing machines. By some measures, it accounted for one third of inflation in late 2021. Many countries saw worse inflation than we did, and obviously — and we have talked about this — we have been able to come out of that economic downturn in better in a better place than most of our counterparts across the globe. Reopening after the pandemic unavoidably increased inflation by unleashing pent up demand. Inflation increased quickly as we reopened. Annualized core PCP in the second term of 2021 was nine percent. And so, he was talking about the factors that were in place that led to — that led to that and look — and I said this earlier, going to say it again, we're going to do everything as we're talking about CPI, we're going to do everything that we can — this President is committed to doing everything that we can to fight inflation and that's what the President was trying to speak to.”


Note, there are no breaks in the paragraph of her rambling, which is hilarious unto itself.

Here are one example. 


You know what, forget it. EL OH EL.

Impressively so.



Yes it is.



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