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'WTH are You Being TAUGHT?!' Jon Lovitz Pulls ZERO Punches Calling Columbia Student Protesters OUT

Paul Drinkwater/NBC via AP

Jon Lovitz had a thing or two to say to Columbia students, calling them out for protesting in favor of Hamas and against Israel. Lovitz has been very vocal since this all began way back in October, so we're not surprised to see him pulling zero punches and calling these monsters out.


Take a look:

From the rest of his post:

You're supposed to be smart.  

You're blaming your 18-year-old classmates from the US for the actions of the government of Israel?

What the hell are you being taught? Think logically and quit being sheep & being used by your professors.

Think logically and quit being sheep and being used by your professors.

Nailed it.

Honestly, that's just good advice in general for any young person in college. 

They're not really being taught anything, they're being brainwashed.

See what we mean?


It certainly looks that way.

All they're doing is hurting themselves. If you were an employer, you'd think twice if you saw a candidate who graduated from these Ivy Leagues recently. Would you want to hire someone who might be this unhinged? What happens if you tell the no? Protest? Strike? Violence?

Ain't that the truth?



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