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NOT BEER! NO! EPIC Thread Using Mainstream Media Headlines to List Racist Foods Funniest Damn Thing EVER


For years now, we've joked about how if everything is racist then nothing is and yet our pals on the Left keep pushing more and more insanity around racism. Granted, they are far more interested in calling women bigots for not wanting men in their bathrooms but racism is still one of their go-tos.


And that makes this lengthy thread about racist foods even funnier.

Turns out a lot of food is racist.

Who knew?

Nooooo, not candy!

Fish. Really?

What about sweet potatoes? Sweet potatoes aren't really yams ... asking for a friend.


Hrm again.

Hands off our BBQ!

It's Pepsi's fault, right?

Oh well, consider this editor colonized then.




But free ketchup is ok.


We always knew salmon was sketchy.


All kinds or just skim?

We knew it!

No big loss there.

Wait, do different races eat different kinds of potato salad?

So basically if you're a white person and you eat, you're a racist.



Who knew?

Gouda? Muenster?


Even beer.


You monsters! You leave bourbon alone!

We knew Biden was racist but now he's doubly racist.

Take that, racists!



It's always the french!

Shew, thank goodness.



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