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Complete Weirdo and Loser Troll Running for Congress Learns the HARD WAY You Do Not Wish Death on MAGA

Meme screenshot

Tell us you're a desperate loser desperate for attention even though it shows you for the desperate loser you are without telling us you're a desperate loser desperate for attention even though it shows you for the desperate loser you are.


What a sad little man.

The fact he thinks this is acceptable as he openly runs for office as a Democrat says so much about him and ain't any of it any good.

We wonder if this the engagement farming Elon Musk was talking about. Hrm.

We're willing to guess he doesn't know a damn thing about war.



See? Not a damn thing.

Someone really should tell this nob that 'snowflake' is like SO 2018.


He's the epitome of today's Democrats, nothing to run on, nothing to offer, so they make their entire brand about ORANGE MAN BAD.


Now THERE is an insult we don't hear often enough.

Seems pretty violent to us. But then again, he's a Democrat.

Fair question.

He also probably thinks he's 'triggered' MAGA by being an annoying dbag.

He would be wrong.


And that is where we are.

Good times.



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