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Ya' LOVE to See It! NPR CEO Now Losing Support From the LEFT and It's a GLORIOUS Thing (Screenshots)


NPR's CEO Katherine Maher has had a terrible, horrible, no-good very BAD week ... and then some. We expected the Right to be outraged about her obvious bias and woke tweets from the past, especially after NPR suspended the whistleblower without pay.


Who eventually quit.

But what we did not expect was to see the Left angry at NPR and Maher as well.

It's almost, refreshing.

Shocking, right?

This is an excellent point. Things were bad on the Left already, especially after Trump beat Hilldawg in 2016, but between the lockdowns and Floyd ... it was like dumping gasoline on a dumpster fire.


We could totally get behind that.

Wonder if losing listeners will wake NPR up?

Sadly, probably not.



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