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Check Out the Damage Big Tech Has Done to Twitchy by the NUMBERS for Simply Telling You Guys the Truth


Google doesn't like Twitchy.

If I'm being fair, Google doesn't care for any conservative, right-leaning, independent, or even libertarian news outlet — it seems to have a special dislike for those of us who insist on telling our readers the truth, even if that means we'll get knocked, flagged, censored, and demonetized. In a media world where we rely on clicks and taps, Big Tech Goons can punish “wrong-think” by censoring us and hitting us where it counts.


Our wallets.

Our overhead.

They'd like nothing more than to shut us up and even shut us down. 

I know our readers are already aware of the targeting going on with Big Tech, but I wanted to give you all an idea of what that looks like. Talking about censorship and seeing it in real time is very different.

Can you guess how many Twitchy articles Google has demonetized?

One? Two? A dozen?

Try nearly 50 stories ... and I hate to say it, but I'm one of their biggest targets. I know, you're all shocked.

Here is just a handful of the stories they've demonetized from yours truly (which means you should totally go read them right now):

So basically, any story that even comes close to damaging the left and their sacred cows can hurt us. By demonetizing us, they think that will keep us from writing about:

  • Transgenderism
  • Climate Change
  • “Election integrity”
  • COVID-19 and the pharmaceutical industry broadly
  • Illegal Immigrants and the Southern Border
They're wrong, of course, it won't stop us from writing about what we want BUT I would be lying if I said this demonetization assault doesn't take its toll on Twitchy's fiscal health.

Fortunately, we have a solution. A weapon, if you will, against the Big Tech Goons. YOU. Our reader. You can help protect us from the censorship regime by becoming a Twitchy VIP member so it doesn’t matter how aggressively Google targets and suppresses our ad revenue.

If you appreciate our reporting, snark, laughs, and attitude problems (we have several) here at Twitchy, free of leftist slant or state censorship, please consider chipping in to support our heavily censored operation. Use the code CENSORSHIP to get 50% off your annual membership. That takes the price down to around $2/month for a standard membership and $4/month for VIP GOLD. 

Please, click here to sign up.

Join the conversation as a VIP Member


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