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Hamas Supporters Pushing HUGE List of Israel-Linked Companies to Boycott Goes SO Wrong and It's GLORIOUS


You'd think BY NOW these peeps would know boycotts never work.

Look at Hobby Lobby.

Look at Chick-fil-A.

BOOMING business since the Left started targeting them years ago. 


So we fully expect each and every brand/company/product listed on this boycott list being passed around by Hamas supporters to do really really really well. Not that they're not already doing really well. Walmart, Nutella, Louis Vuitton ... 

Probably not too worried about a bunch of terrorist sympathizers boycotting them.

Take a look:

Guess how this is going over.

Just guess.

Indeed you must, sir.

Look at that. She's a giver and she didn't even know it.

Not to mention conservatives tend to have more money.


Hey man, Nutella is on the list!

And fin.



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