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USA Today DRAGGED for Sneaking Woke/Trans Agenda BS Into MULTIPLE Word Searches (Screenshots)

Twitchy Meme

Awww, would you look at that? USA Today is doing its part to make sure people see certain terms and phrases that go along with certain agendas and ideologies to somehow normalize them.


Almost as if they have some ulterior motive here.

Wanna bet the person putting these puzzles together has blue hair, has a horde of cats, and hasn't shaved THEIR pits in several years?

Take a look:

But wait, there's more!

Hey, that's what we said.


WTH is Bunself? This editor's alter ego is a homicidal rabbit and we've never heard of this pronoun.

The horror.

Wait, that is a pronoun, right? Or is it a gender now? We can't keep this crap straight.

Just like the rest of the mainstream media.



Pathetic AND sneaky.

We give you today's mainstream media.



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