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PoliMath takes Harvard students who celebrated dead Jews now begging for MERCY APART in BRUTAL thread


Here we are once again reminding the Left we didn't make these rules, we didn't start the whole nonsense behind 'cancel culture' - they did. And sorry, not sorry, but these Harvard students all get to live under those same rules.


Especially when they were so openly cheering a bunch of dead Jews. 

Yeah, if anything should end a career it's probably that. Sorry if that sounds harsh but again, them's the rules and you KNOW they'd be more than happy to ruin the lives and careers of any student on the Right for simply disagreeing with them.

Besides, you guys won't think we're being harsh at all after you read PoliMath's thread on these Harvard students trying to backpedal now. 

Take a gander:

Oh, he's just warming up.

Keep going.

They celebrated the murder of children and now, realizing their folly, they are begging for mercy.




They hate you. They intend to hate you in the long term.

He's right.

No mercy. Hold them to their own rules.

Only seems fair.



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