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'Expert in misinformation' learns the hard way you do NOT try and silence Libs of TikTok's Chaya Raichik

Sarah D.

You'd think someone who calls themselves an 'expert in misinformation' would know better than to use an unsubstantiated claim made by a Leftist rag to try to target-harass and censor Libs of TikTok's Chaya Raichik but ... nope.


Joan ... sweetie ... not good.

Terrorism? Vice is crap sure, but terrorism?

Oh wait, our bad.

As usual, Raichik wasn't about to take this laying down ... 

She even tagged Joan. 

We dig that - far too many people talk smack without tagging the person. Well played.

Andy Ngô shared a bit more about our pal, Joan:


She's being kind here.

So in other words, Joan did a terrorism.

Not good.


And BOOM goes the dynamite.



BEST thing to come out of BLM movement: WATCH white Lefty men learn THEY'RE really not allies and LOL

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Letitia James playing the SUPER BRAVE victim on Twitter pisses people off who don't even LIKE Trump

NY Mag TOOL accusing the Right of gloating over activist's death trips SPECTACULARLY over his own tweets


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