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Matt Gaetz OUTS McCarthy for quietly making side-deal with Democrats on Ukraine to avoid shutdown

Twitchy Meme

According to multiple sources, Kevin McCarthy allegedly made a side-deal with Democrats on Ukraine spending to avoid the shutdown. No, really. If this is true? Bro.



WHY?! Enough money to Ukraine when people in our own country are struggling. When does it stop?

What the heck is going on in DC? Who are these people?

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck ... 

More deceit indeed.

A side deal with Democrats ... knowing the majority of Americans who vote Republican do not want this. 

Perhaps the uniparty really is a thing?

Follow the money.

So that is fair, make the elected officials vote yay or nay on the funding so we know who cares more about Ukraine than our own country. But also a good point, not telling the House was BS.

Why keep it a secret?


Something like that.

Unfortunately, not at all.

Ukraine first?



Did Biden just spill the beans on his Ukrainian 'interests' in statement on bipartisan funding bill?

Thomas Massie shares DAMNING video showing everyone how 'stable' Jamaal Brown really IS (isn't) *watch*

That's a LOTTA stupid! Here are some of the DUMBEST takes defending Jamaal Bowman pulling the fire alarm

Take. The. L! Jamaal Bowman's statement about pulling the fire alarm only makes things HILARIOUSLY worse


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