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Thomas Massie shares DAMNING video showing everyone how 'stable' Jamaal Brown really IS (isn't) *watch*


You know if they're pushing the 'he just got super confused' argument to defend Jamaal Bowman pulling the fire alarm the reality of who he is and what they think he was really doing is not good. Like at all.


Especially after Thomas Massie shared a video reminding the masses of another time Bowman was disrupting government business.

As Massie says, this is the guy who pulled the fire alarm on Saturday.

Do you really think he just got confused?


Stable individual.

Democrats sure can pick 'em. Hey, at least Bowman can figure out how to put his big-boy clothes on, right?

We're not expecting anything much to happen to Bowman because as we have seen more than firsthand, everyone is NOT equal under the law.

Not with Biden in the White House.

Nut job. Communist.

Same difference.

Surely he'd never pull the fire alarm on purpose and was just totally confused by the contraption on the wall that literally said FIRE.



THERE ya' go.



That's a LOTTA stupid! Here are some of the DUMBEST takes defending Jamaal Bowman pulling the fire alarm

Take. The. L! Jamaal Bowman's statement about pulling the fire alarm only makes things HILARIOUSLY worse

Dem staffer caught whispering something VERY telling during Pete Buttigieg interview on The View (watch)


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