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Gavin Newsom SCHOOLED by stats and MATH after making ugly dig at Kristi Noem about gun violence in SD

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

Gavin Newsom sure spends a lot of time worrying about other states. You'd think with the dump California has become Gav would be more worried about his own state but, nope.


Probably because he's running for president.

Yeah yeah yeah, we know, we're not supposed to feed the conspiracy theories floating around that have Kamala Harris taking Feinstein's seat now that she's passed on and Biden appointing Newsom as VP but ... 

For example, he thinks South Dakota is more dangerous than California when it comes to guns.

Maybe he just wanted to dunk on Noem for clicks and taps.


Luckily, this account showed up with stats and MATH to embarrass ol' Gav. Take a look:

More from the post: 

Well, you are technically right, Governor, gun deaths per capita is higher in South Dakota. However, most of those deaths are accidents or suicide. Meanwhile, your state HEAVILY outmatches SD in Homicides per capita. Maybe you should deal with your crime problem...


Ding ding freaking ding.

Nice try though, hair gel.



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