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John Hayward explains point-by-point why Biden would LOSE if election was held today in BRUTAL thread

Fuzzy Chimp

Since the Washington Post shared its own poll where Trump beat Biden by ten points (and then told everyone NOT to believe their poll because reasons), people have been talking about who can win in the general election. To be fair, we talk about this probably every day BUT this conversation feels more realistic, especially with numbers like WaPo's for Trump.


John Hayward put together an exceptional yet realistic thread about the general election and the fact that Biden would lose if it were held today.

Take a gander:

Plenty of time for Biden to make things even worse for himself and the Democrats.


Damn he's good at this.

Yeah yeah, we've said that before but he really is.

This. ^

More people died under Biden.

More people took 'the jab' under Biden.

And now more people are living paycheck-to-paycheck while Biden insists he's created 13 million jobs knowing damn well people going back to work is not job creation.



Probably why his 'team' has put together a 'Keep Joe From Tripping' plan.

He's as low as he could get right now and it's his own doing.

Buuuuut it could.


In other words, just because we all know Biden sucks that doesn't mean we take our eye off the prize.

So the GOP has got to get their ground game together or it won't matter who they nominate.

Hell yeah.

Dems lose badly.

That's all that matters.




Biden's team initiates plan 'Keep the Old Guy From Tripping' and it's hilariously EMBARRASSING

WHOA: Post sharing 'reported inside info' explaining how Democrats will install Newsom a real HUMDINGER

It's so ON! Elon Musk has HAD IT, set to expose Biden's southern border crisis to M(B)ILLIONS of people

Harry Smollett - sorry - Sisson's terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad bomb threat story gets even WORSE


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