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FOUND IT! We've discovered the EVIL culprit behind the missing F-35 annnd ROFL (pic)


You'd think an F-35 fighter jet going missing would be more surprising to us here at Twitchy, but considering the amount of ridiculous and stupid we have covered this year already, we're not phased by it.


Not even a little.

Besides, through our super-duper investigative reporting, we discovered who actually took the jet ... 

Don't worry, he says he'll return it.

Oh, and the pilot is okay too.

Shew! Right?


HA ha.


You guys, we so needed this this morning so we assume you all do as well. Too damn funny.

It's always the person you expect the least. 

Or the most?




Molly Jong-Fast and other Lefties claim Kamala Harris is Democrats' SECRET WEAPON in 2024 and BAHAHA

INSUFFERABLE trans activist RUNS after Riley Gaines owns him in back and forth about men NOT being women

Elon Musk asks Bill Melugin question about southern border that's outright DAMNING for mainstream media

Aaron Rupar kicks off Lefty RAGE-FEST at new 'Meet the Press' host Kristen Welker for interviewing TRUMP


Editor's Note: Hi there. I know it's been some time since we changed this up but changing it up now to see if any of you read this far. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? ALSO, if you are reading this far please sign up for Twitchy VIP and help us continue bringing you the truth, especially the truth Biden and his Big Tech goons don't want us sharing.

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