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INSUFFERABLE trans activist RUNS after Riley Gaines owns him in back and forth about men NOT being women


Trans activists just can't deal with Riley Gaines.

They've never been able to - ask William Thomas ... oops ... our bad. We mean 'Lia Thomas'. Yeah, that's it. 


It all started with this activist person we've honestly never heard of before now which sort of makes us question his ability to you know, be an activist, decided to say trans women are women. Over and over again. 

He seems to think repeating a lie over and over and over again somehow makes it true.

Riley mocked him perfectly:

Hey, this is about as true as the fact that men are women.

Seems fair.

He tried clapping back ... tried being the keyword here.


She was talking to you directly, Skippy.

What she said.

He still thinks he's winning. That's adorable.

Ask a stupid question ...

Brave Sir Robin ran away. EL OH EL.



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