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'Know what 3rd base is?' JoJoFromJerz's attempts at slut-shaming Lauren Boebert BACKFIRE spectacularly


Full transparency, this editor has been very vocal about not agreeing with Lauren Boebert's behavior in that theatre. Please note, this has not been about the groping or the adult behavior BUT the fact this was all done in close proximity to people who paid money to see that show. That and the whole, 'do you know who I am' bit after being kicked out was pretty lame as well.


But if she wants to let some guy grope her, and it's consenting adults, more power to her. 

All of that being said, the Left is having a heyday with Boebert, trashing her and calling her all sorts of names we've been told you can't call women anymore because it's sexist or something.

Guess that only counts for Democrat women who have sex online for money. Oops, did we say that out loud? 

Our bad.

Take, for example, JoJoFromJerz ... now, JoJo is not very good at trolling so all she really does is set herself up to be dragged over and over again. There's a reason she blocks so easily on Twitter/X.

Take a gander:

Notice she leaves out the main part of the Gibson story ... SHE WAS CHARGING PEOPLE TO WATCH THEM HAVE SEX ONLINE.

Pretty sure that was not the case with Boebert.

But this one, this one is hysterical.


Does she not know what third base is?

Yeah. You know it's bad when even people who don't necessarily like Boebert are correcting her.

Oof, and to be fact-checked by a Community Note.


Morally righteous ... on the Left.

Now THAT is funny.



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