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Elon Musk talks about removing Twitter/X's block feature and YIKES, it does NOT go well, like at all

AP Photo/Michel Euler

Elon Musk has done a lot that's good for Twitter ... sorry, X ... but this would be a mistake.

In this editor's humble opinion.


Block protects a lot of people from crazy.

Just sayin'. 

And if Elon really is about giving people the power to control their content, why would he take away an important tool that makes it possible? Luckily, we are not alone in our disapproval over the block feature going away.

Take a look:

Maybe instead of taking away things that work he should work on that whole 'freedom of reach' thing so many people are starting to experience. Ahem.


Let people choose.

Isn't that the whole point behind his buying Twitter? Giving people more power over what they say? What they read?

THERE you go.


Soooo ... yeah. Sounds like a really bad idea, Elon. Hope he rethinks it.



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