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Here's some of the most CRINGE Lefty tweets blaming WHITE SUPREMACY for Monterey Park shooting

Maybe give it 24 hours before claiming it’s white supremacy, ya’ dingbats.

In the hours after news broke about the horrific Monterey Park shooting, lots and lots and lots of Lefties came out as they always do to blame the Right, to claim it was white supremacy, and to screech about how we need MORE GUN CONTROL. And as usual, their tweets have not aged well, like at all. You’d think after going through this over and over and over again they’d try the whole keep your mouth shut for 24 hours rule but yeah, we don’t expect them to figure that out anytime soon. It’s more fun to be intellectually lazy and spout out lies and smears for clicks and taps than to actually know what the Hell they’re talking about.


Here are some of the more pathetic and embarrassing takes that definitely deserve our mocking:

Wait. So people pointing out that it was not white supremacy is a defense mechanism of white supremacy?

What now?

White supremacy had nothing to do with this horrific shooting.

This Francesca broad has not corrected or apologized for this.

Wait, what? Enraged at Republicans because a 72-year-old Asian man went after his ex-wife with a gun? Really?


And of course, there’s this one:

Yikes, talk about not aging well.

Like, at all.


What’s so hard about waiting 24 hours before politicizing something, folks?


This one turned off replies.


Classy AF.

Andy Ngô was good enough to grab several for a thread:

Build a coalition against white supremacy?



Wow these people are dumb.


Good ol’ racist Katie Hobbs.

Guys, we all know Fetterman didn’t actually write this tweet himself.

Ridiculously embarrassing.

Oh, there are also a ton of tweets using this as a way to push gun control, even though California has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the country.


Hey man, Democrats never ever let a crisis go to waste.

And apparently, neither do Lefties who see white supremacists under their beds and in their closets.

The dumbest one of all though:

Woof, lady.



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Monterey Park gunman NOT an evil Right-wing white supremacist, gun-grabbing Lefties devastated


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