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Taylor Lorenz out-crazies even HERSELF going into hysterics after Elon Musk takes over Twitter

Good news everybody! Taylor Lorenz is handling the new and improved under Elon Musk Twitter with great strides. She’s super positive about the direction Twitter is going since all users will finally have access to the public square and is looking forward to fair and measured debates.



HA ha.


Ok, now THAT is funny.

No, Taylor is not handling this well, like at all. You know it’s bad when she’s even out-looney-tuning herself.

Yes, people having a chance to speak their minds without fear of censorship or punishment is TOTALLY like the gates of Hell opening. We suppose if you thrive and depend on the silencing of those you disagree with you could see it that way.

Gross, isn’t she?

Someone get Taylor a tissue.

Oh, it wasn’t just that tweet.

She’s also claiming she’s getting a bunch of rape threats now as well.


Maybe if Taylor didn’t turn off responses to her idiotic tweets there wouldn’t be so many angry quote tweets.

But she just said she didn’t want to miss the chaos?



And a grifting fraud but we digress.

Tweets really stupid stuff.


Acts like it’s not what she wanted.

Could get a little bumpy for the authoritarian, censor-happy Left for the next few weeks.

Ain’t it great?



Rick Wilson’s PATHETIC meltdown-thread babbling about Trump coming back to Twitter is DELICIOUS

Elon Musk tweets just 4 words after taking ownership of Twitter and BOOM goes the dynamite

Whitmer’s lie about kids being ‘out of school for 3 months’ used in POWERFUL pro-parent ad (watch)

Entitled, whiny Twitter employee openly talking smack at Elon Musk does NOT go well, like at all


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