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Fox 10 Phoenix claims graphic showing Hobbs beating Lake (!) was just a mistake and HELLO backfire

Charlie Kirk is right … HOLY CRAP.

In a time when so many people already don’t trust our elections, this was really really really poor form for Fox 10 in Phoenix. An image showing Katie Honbs beating Kari Lake showed up in the lower left-hand corner of the screen almost as if the fix is already in.


There was even a little red checkmark to show Hobbs won.

Oh yeah, did we mention this is where Kari used to work?

So bad.

Not suspicious at all … nope.

No words.

Kari Lake responded:

Fox 10’s excuse is weak-sauce at best … that this image came from the AP is even MORE concerning that ‘the fix is in’.

Generated by the AP?

You’d think a test graphic would show no numbers if it were truly a test graphic, yes?


*adjusts tinfoil*

The ‘mistake’ has Kari Lake losing. Why do these so-called mistakes ever only go one way?

Good question from Christina.

Oddly enough, we’re not seeing their answer.



Pretty gross and unacceptable.

And the media wonders why none of us like or trust them anymore.

Something like that.

Kari’s final response to this?

Out-vote the cheating.

That’s what we did in Virginia …



NYT & WaPo reporters ‘digitally crap their pants’ in Twitter space over Musk buying Twitter (thread)

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Rick Wilson’s PATHETIC meltdown-thread babbling about Trump coming back to Twitter is DELICIOUS

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