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'I AM DECEEEASED'!!! Ted Cruz's appearance on The View leads to recreation of the most popular, hilarious meme EVER (pic)

As Twitchy readers know, Ted Cruz went on The View and it went about as well as you’d expect.

Yeah, not great, but Cruz handled it as he does all things, with a sense of humor.


And of course, the harpies he was dealing with had no sense of humor SO he had an advantage going in.

What we don’t think anyone expected as a result of his appearance on the show was the recreation of probably the most popular and hilarious meme on social media, maybe ever. The cat salad meme.

Take a look:


He’s right!

This is so great.

So much of what we write about is horrible and stupid, it’s rare that something so hilarious comes out of horrible and stupid.

Thanks, Whoopi!


When real life becomes a meme. Yay 2022.


Think we all needed a laugh today, and that we can have that laugh at the expense of hyenas on The View?

*chef’s kiss*



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