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WTF?! AOC becomes insulting (racist?) caricature of Hispanic woman when heckled by her OWN supporters (watch this hot mess)

AOC has lost it.

As Twitchy readers know, AOC has been heckled by her own supporters for supporting the war in Ukraine. First, there were the young men at her event who she called ruse, then she ‘danced’ when her supporters started heckling her at another event … and now there’s this.


From her suit, it looks like it happened at the same event where she dance-mocked her own supporters.

This is painful.



She’s like a manager at a fast-food restaurant.

Maybe worse.

Starting to think no, she’s not.

She’s gotten used to people worshipping her and adoring her – she’s not sure how to deal with people who actually expect her to do her job.

It’s as if she’s playing a character.

OH, THAT’S RIGHT, she is.


For the good of the country? Yes.

Although we’d really miss writing about this sort of stupidity from her. Heh.



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