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Gonna cry AGAIN? Adam Kinzinger DRAGGED (then dragged some more) for trashing J6 defendant Simone Gold AFTER serving her time

Ron Filipkowski is quickly becoming one of the biggest troll accounts on Twitter, and considering who he’s up against (that guy who lied about just being a dad from Brooklyn and the broad with the crazy eyes from Jersey), that’s really saying something. The virtue-signaling Ukrainian flag next to his name is like the troll icing on top of the troll cake.


Louie Gohmert being kind to a J6 defendant who served her time isn’t a bad thing, Ron. Just like that comedian at Liberty University making a joke about breeders wasn’t a bad thing …




Ron is always mad. It’s what happens when you have zero sense of humor.

And then Adam Kinzinger chimed in to remind us all he’s definitely in the running for the biggest douchebag of them all …


What is sick about it, Adam?

You know what’s really sick? An elected official using his capacity to trash someone he used to serve with … ahem. A kangaroo court vilifying thousands of Americans to try and hurt a man who hasn’t been president in nearly two years … THAT’S sick.

This? Eh.

Get him some tissue, just in case.

This is sick.



THAT would show us all!


Perhaps one of the most perfect tweets about Kinzinger, ever.



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