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They LIED: Surveillance video from inside Robb Elementary School shows police NEVER attempted to open either of the two classroom doors

The police lied. WE’RE SHOCKED.

Oh, wait, no. So far the Uvalde Police Department has been contradicted or corrected on almost everything they’ve said about that horrible day at Robb Elementary School. This one though, this one is a biggie because they claimed the only reason they didn’t intervene was that they didn’t have a key.


But it sounds like they didn’t even try to open either of the two doors … and both may have been unlocked.


Surveillance video shows they never attempted to open either of the two doors.

If this is true, they did nothing as a mass shooter killed children and teachers.



That it does.


Gosh, you’d think they’d be better at this then.

The Uvalde police chief said he was ready to die for those kids but he just didn’t have the key.

Sounds like the doors may have been unlocked … but they didn’t even check.

No words for how awful and shameful this is.



Sad, but true.


There ya’ go!


And sadly, that seems to have been the case here … they just couldn’t grow a pair.



What sort of F*CKERY is this?! ABC News BUSTED deleting tweet claiming Democrats will hold onto the House and take 4 seats in the Senate

Repeat after me, YES, it does: Chicago Dem Congressional candidate claims the 2nd does NOT give you the right to own a weapon of war and HOO BOY

Dumbest. Admin. EVER –> Biden White House’s SUPER GENIUS plan to offset gas costs for Americans FOILED by another crisis THEY created

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