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‘SEE how it works?!' Tweep pulls BACK curtain on woke gender experts refusing to admit women are WOMEN (and how to push back) in EPIC thread

If you’d have told us some people wouldn’t be able to (or willing to) define what a woman is even a few years back we’d have thought you were completely insane. But here we are, with gender experts claiming women can have a penis …


Yeah, we’re not even making that up.

Oh, and if you disagree you’re some hateful white nationalist or something.

This thread from Wokal Distance about their efforts to avoid defining a woman, how they get there, and how sane people can push back is one for the ages. Yes, it’s long so grab a snack … totally worth your time.

Gender experts. Woke ones. *sigh*

So being a man or a woman is simply a ‘social construct.’

Keep going.



Mind blown.

Keep going.

Trees are trees because we call them trees.


Our own interests.

That is key.

Ding ding ding.


Awww, that’s right.

Evil people.


It’s always straight white men.

*shakes fist*


The same people who claim to follow the science …


Renders. It. Meaningless.

Absurd is putting it nicely.



Sort of like when they use miscarriages to defend abortion on demand.



Abnormalities! OH DEAR!





Women are adult females. Period. The end.

Sorry, not sorry woke gender experts.

GREAT thread.

Told you guys.



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