Cenk Uygur so desperately wants (needs?) Joe Rogan’s attention. First, he tried to get him to fight him, now he’s babbling about how Joe can’t be a left-winger because right-wingers like and listen to him. Hey, nobody ever accused Cenk of being the brightest crayon in the box.

It’s adorable how he thinks he gets to define what does and does not make someone a left-winger.

And by adorable we mean pathetic, sad, and really lame.

Sort of like this tweet:

Cenk … this is just embarrassing.

Joe’s just not into you. He doesn’t care about you. He’s not worried if you do or don’t think he’s a Left-winger.

Move on.

Get a hobby.

He will not acknowledge you no matter how much you want him to for clicks and taps.

It’s painful.

Maybe less.

It’s like a religion to them.


Fair point.


Seriously, save whatever dignity, integrity, and self-respect you may have left.

It can’t be much at this point.




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