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YAAAS QUEEN! Dana Loesch DRAGS TF out of Jerry Nadler for mansplaining to women that they should just disarm (watch)

In case you were wondering, yes, Jerry Nadler still sucks.

Watch this … it’s adorable watching him lie his A*S off about there being no research that women being armed increases their safety. One has to wonder just how high up on his chest his belt is today.


Again, you can hear people who are just shocked that he’s going this route. That, or he’s such an embarrassing toad nobody wants to listen to him speak so they’re having conversations amongst themselves.

What a disingenuous, obnoxious, deliberately misinformed argument. Quoting a California study? Really?

Dana Loesch let him have it:

Nadler wants what other Democrats want.

Disarmed Americans.



Gotta be a totally legit study coming from CA.


Yeah, this has been pretty awful today.


No, no he’s not.



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